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CUPRA and FIP sponsorship.

CUPRA and the International Padel Federation play on

Padel and CUPRA share the same ethos: they are both a contemporary interpretation of sportiness, reinventing performance by challenging the status quo and going another way.

The CUPRA European Padel Championship

CUPRA was the official sponsor of the International Padel Federation (FIP) back in 2020, and we renewed our partnership once again for the following year. This meant that our unconventional challenger car brand went on to be the title name sponsor for the CUPRA European Padel Championship 2021 in Marbella as well. That same year, we were active in all of the FIP tournaments at the World Cup in Qatar, not to mention the CUPRA FIP Tour: the tournament comprising of 65 matches across Europe and South America, with the dream to make padel an Olympic sport very soon.

This partnership is helping to expand padel globally through a shared vision of sportiness. Over the past few years, padel has become the second most widely practiced sport in Spain with over 5 million players, and additionally, it is now the fastest growing sport in Europe!

The story of CUPRA and Padel

As sponsors of the World Padel Tour (WPT) and the International Padel Federation, CUPRA holds the widest presence in padel over a global scale. The brand first launched into the sport in 2019 and is now supporting a distinct tribe of 7 players (Fernando Belasteguín, Juan Tello, Arturo Coello, Alejandro Galán Romo, Paula Josemaría, Ariana Sánchez and Fede Chingotto), including recent additions who represent the new generation of young players. In February 2021, CUPRA also announced its partnership with sports brand Wilson, in which they co-created a padel racket that is now being used by the world-renowned, Fernando Belasteguín in some of the WPT tournaments. With these collaborations, and CUPRA’s presence in close to 50 markets, the objective is to promote the expansion of padel into more countries, until it finally becomes an Olympic sport.

Beyond the court

This partnership represents not only the sport, but also a contemporary lifestyle. In 2021, the CUPRA Formentor e-HYBRID, the official car of the World Padel Tour circuit, was delivered to each CUPRA Tribe padel player, igniting a new era of electrification and sparking an impulse beyond the world of padel.