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Creating the path on the padel court.

What does it take to create the path? It calls for unconventional ideas from unique people who dare to challenge the world around us. That’s why we are breaking new ground by welcoming to CUPRA four of the world’s top padel players, a sport that redefines sportiness just as we do.

“Padel brings us to people who share our passion, determination and sportiness.” Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy

Derived from squash and tennis but played within four walls, padel is a gender-balanced sport that empowers all players. From the top men and women athletes, we handpicked the players who embody our values both on and off the court: Fernando Belasteguín, Pablo Lima, Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez.

Belasteguín has long dominated the world of padel, defending the #1 spot on the leader board for 16 consecutive years. Lima, another powerful athlete and the world’s 3rd seeded player, crushed the competition at the 2018 Master Final together with Belasteguín. Salazar is the fourth ranked player in the world and took home first in the women’s category at the 2018 Master Final. Another professional fuelled by her passion is Sánchez, a rising star in the World Padel Tour and the youngest player to win an Open title.

We look forward to supporting these impressive athletes during this season’s World Padel Tour tournaments. And to welcome them to CUPRA, each was given a new CUPRA Ateca—because sportiness is not just on the court, it’s a lifestyle too.


“I’m proud to be part of a brand that I share the same values with.” Fernando Belasteguín, padel champion

Just like CUPRA, the world of padel is not only about competition. It’s about a community of people sharing one passion. This connection is at the centre of everything we do, and it’s what gives us the power to shape our new definition of sportiness, together.