Cupra connect high performance range


Get the most out of your CUPRA, with online services and embedded connectivity for the Ateca, Leon and Formentor.


Take special control of your CUPRA Leon or Formentor e-HYBRID. Manage everything directly from the CUPRA CONNECT app.


Remote charging.

Instantly start and stop the charging process, schedule charging times and get detailed insights right from the app.

Remote Climate Control.

Turn climate controls on or off right away or schedule a time to automatically activate the A/C or heating before a trip.

See Charge Point information.

Find charging stations nearby and get information such as power types and opening hours.


Get the CUPRA CONNECT app for your iOS.

Get the CUPRA CONNECT app for your Android.


Got a new CUPRA Formentor, Ateca or Leon? Enrol now and start enjoying all the benefits of having CUPRA CONNECT online services at your fingertips.



Free trial expired? Don’t worry. Renewing your subscription is quick and easy, simply follow the instructions in the video tutorial to keep enjoying the endless possibilities of CUPRA CONNECT GEN3 online services.



The S-PIN is a 4-digit code created for your CUPRA ID during registration. You’ll need it to lock and unlock the doors remotely, as well as to control the remote climate control function.

Once you've created your CUPRA ID, you'll receive a confirmation email asking to verify your account.  It may take a few minutes for the email to reach your inbox (remember to check your Spam folder). Open and click on the link in the email to verify your account. You’ll then be directed to the CUPRA portal, where you can log in with your CUPRA ID.

From the CUPRA portal, you can enrol your car and link it to your user account. Then you'll be able to enjoy the full range of CUPRA CONNECT GEN3 services.

If you don't receive the confirmation e-mail, please contact CUPRA Customer Care and we'll do our best to help you.

To use CUPRA CONNECT GEN3, you need to assign a car to your user account. To do this, log into the CUPRA CONNECT App or the website and enter your car's VIN (vehicle identification number). This step is not necessary if you directly log in to the Infotainment system with your CUPRA ID (see “11. In-car activation”)

The free trial always lasts a minimum of 12 months, but the exact period may vary depending on your country and equipment level. The remaining time is linked to your vehicle and displayed in your user account. After the free trial period is over, you'll need to renew your subscription to keep enjoying the service.

See below the prices for the German market. Final prices per country may vary depending on VAT and exchange rates:

  • CUPRA CONNECT for Media System (Safety & Service and Remote Access functionalities).  1-year subscription: €49 or 2-year subscription: €85
  • CUPRA CONNECT for Navi System (Safety & Service, Remote Access, Online Infotainment and Infotainment Apps*). 1-year subscription: €135 or 2-year subscription: €225

*Amazon Alexa: Only available for Leon and Formentor

In-car activation lets you enrol your car while you’re sitting in it, linking it with your CUPRA ID so you can start using CUPRA CONNECT GEN3 services.

The registration assistant will lead you through the simple process of creating your CUPRA ID account in your car, logging in and enrolling your vehicle, and then adding it to the Garage.

During the registration process, you can view all the necessary legal information (GTC, Privacy Policy) and accept the CUPRA CONNECT contract agreement.

In-car activation is possible in:

The CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Formentor with Media System+ and Navi System+. Also for CUPRA Ateca w/ Navi system.

You can select and switch between different privacy modes via the Service Management and Control Centre sections in the Infotainment screen.

If you lose your device, you can change your password by entering the My CUPRA portal from another device. The new password will be required when using any of the CUPRA CONNECT App services.

For additional security, you can modify the app settings so that you need to re-enter your password after a period of 5, 10 or 15 minutes with no account activity

First, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your smartphone. To check this, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install any available updates.

If you still can't log in to your CUPRA CONNECT account, go to the CUPRA ID portal and try using the following to identify your account and reset your password:

  • The email you signed up with
  • Your username
  • Your mobile phone number

If this doesn't fix the issue, please contact CUPRA CONNECT Customer Care and we will do our best to help you.

Yes. Go to the Infotainment menu in the car and, under "User", press "Delete user/Restore to Factory settings". This will delete all your data from the car and from CUPRA backend. This process is a requirement in case of transfer of ownership.

In the Driving Data section, you can see an overview of the following:

  • Your distances (km)
  • Driving times (hours)
  • Petrol consumption
  • Average speed per trip

You can also see the specific details of each previous journey or day If your car is hybrid or electric, you can check your consumption here as well.

You can reset or delete your driving data in the CUPRA CONNECTApp.

With Horn and Turn Signals, you can find your car in a large car park once you're within a 500m radius. You can also activate the horn and turn signals  separately.

For safety reasons, it's not possible to activate this service while driving.

The Horn and Turn Signals service only works if:

  • Your car is parked
  • The engine is off
  • The bonnet and boot are closed
  • The Anti-Theft Alarm is not active
  • Your device is within 500m of your car. Please check that the position in the app's GPS is correct

The optional Volumetric Alarm is activated automatically when you lock your car. If the car detects any attempt of theft and activates the alarm signal (consisting of up to 30 seconds of beeping and up to 5 minutes of flashing hazard lights), a push notification in the CUPRA CONNECT App informs you of the event. Additionally, an automatic email is also sent.

The notification tells you if unusual activity has been detected at or in your car, or if the inclination of your vehicle has changed. It also tells you what part of the car the (attempted) access took place (interior or exterior), as well as the date and time that the incident occurred.

The Area Alert service lets you know if your car is in within your predefined area. For example, if you have lent your car to someone who has moved your car into or out of an area, you'll be notified via email or push notification so that you can take the appropriate steps.

You can create up to 10 areas, but you can only activate up to 4 alerts at the same time. Additionally, you can select whether a notification should be periodic, once-off or always active. The Area Alert service tolerates up to 25 meters of difference before sending an alert.

If you have to lend your car to someone, the Speed Alert service notifies you if your car exceeds your predefined speed limit. You can create up to 10 speed alerts, but you can only activate up to 2 alerts at the same time. Additionally, you can select whether a notification should be periodic, once-off or always active.

Check the notification history in the CUPRA CONNECT App.

The e-Manager is for controlling the charging process of e-HYBRID models. The e-Manager lets you start & stop an immediate charge, or schedule charging.

You can also set your e-HYBRID to charge during optimal hours for saving energy costs, such as at night time.

Additionally, you can use the e-Manager to set the  maximum charging current (improving the use of the battery and extending its lifecycle).

The e-Manager within the CUPRA CONNECT app lets you check the following:

  • Charging status
  • Possible driving range
  • Remaining charge
  • Charging plug connection

For CUPRA e-HYBRID models, you can set departure times for your car via the CUPRA CONNECT app and control the temperature prior to trips.

Your car wakes up in time before departure and automatically charges  the battery and/or adjusts the climate controls at your scheduled departure time.

The Departure times service also lets you set the following:

  • Battery charging limit
  • Maximum amperage
  • Night time use
  • Charging locations

Yes, you can be notified via push notification when your car battery is fully recharged.

You might need to download the latest SW update on the infotainment system in order to see Amazon Alexa. To do so, check the notification center on the upper-right corner of the screen. You might also need to restart the infotainment system after that.

Also, you must be registered as a Primary User to access the in-car store.

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* Remote Ventilation is only available for Leon and Formentor with certain motorizations. Remote Auxiliary Heater only available with the Parking Heater optional.

** Anti-theft alerts feature only available with the volumetric alarm feature (optional equipment).

*** Speed, area and anti-theft  alerts feature only available with the volumetric alarm feature (optional equipment).

**** Online Media (Apple Music & TIDAL), Internet Radio and Alexa require additional data use. You can either use your smartphone as a hotspot connected to your car Wi-Fi, or get an extra Data Plan for your CUPRA through our mobile communications partner (hyperlink:

Amazon Alexa is only available for Leon and Formentor in selected markets (Spain, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Ireland and Austria).