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Explore a range of leasing options and fully personalise your CUPRA before you have it delivered to you, all done 100% online.

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Nothing should hold you back from owning a CUPRA. So, we’ve created 4 all-inclusive leasing plans for you to choose from.

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12 months From xxx€/month*
16 months From xxx€/month*
20 months From xxx€/month*
24 months From xxx€/month*

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100% digital process

From start to finish. No need to contact a dealership.


Insurance, maintenance, wear & tear and more, all in one fee.

On your terms

Optional down payment and you can cancel after 3 months.

Personalise it

Make it yours only, from the wheels to the motor.

Take the wheel

Plans include 1000km/month mileage and can be upgraded.

At the end

You can choose to renew your lease, return, or buy your car.


Select the model you want and lease it online now.

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It’s fully digital. Complete 4 simple steps and drive your CUPRA in as little as 21 days for standard models.

  1. Personalise it

    Configure your car, choose your “My Renting” plan and select your delivery location.

  2. Check out

    Add your personal info and upload documentation. There’s no need to pay online.

  3. Sign your contract

    Receive confirmation and sign your leasing contract online or in person.

  4. Drive it

    Have your new CUPRA delivered to you in as little as 21 days.


Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Drive the CUPRA of your choice using another financial service.


Finance/Private Lease

Operational Lease /Long Term Rental (All IN)



3-24 months

24-48 months

24-48 months

24-48 months

Initial entry fee

No entry fee









Fully comprehensive insurance





Annual or monthly kilometres

(market specific)

(market specific)

(market specific)

(market specific)

At the end

- Renew it with another vehicle

- Return it after minimum period duration

- Renew it with another vehicle

- Keep it with the possibility of financing the final balloon

- Return it

- Renew it with another vehicle

- Return it

- Renew it with another vehicle

- Keep it with the possibility of financing the final balloon

- Return it

FAQs - Leasing

The Leasing service offers you a monthly payment contract that will allow you to enjoy your CUPRA, as well as all the services you need to drive the vehicle (insurance and complementary repair service plan, maintenance plan, tyre plan, fuel card...).

Each of the monthly rentals includes all of these services, so you will be able to use the car as if it were your own, but with more added benefits and a more affordable payment method. 

You choose. You can contract the CUPRA Leasing service with no down payment or with a down payment of up to 30% of the car's value, depending on the rental you wish to pay each month. 

You can choose any period between 36, 42, 48, 54 and 60 months depending on your specific needs.

With the CUPRA Leasing service, you choose the mileage. Contract from 30,000 km to up to 200,000 km per year, adapting it to your needs.

At the end of your CUPRA Leasing contract, you can choose to hand your car back, swap it for a new one or purchase it outright through the CUPRA Leasing Sales Department.

 If you wish to buy it, you can make all the arrangements by sending an email to

No, at the end of the agreement you will have to hand the vehicle back without paying the final payment. 

Maintenance, insurance and complementary repair service, roadside assistance, tax management and payment.

Each month you will receive the corresponding charge in your bank account.

Yes, you can go anywhere in the European Union, but it is necessary to request the CUPRA Financial Services department for your car's original documents.

Yes, the Leasing service is aimed at private and business users and the self-employed.

To hire the service you can go to your nearest CUPRA retailer with your personal and financial documents. The documents we need are:DNI (Spanish National ID CARD), NIF (TAX ID CARD) or passport. 

Last 2 payslips.

Last income tax return. 

Bank account number and proof of ownership.

With the CUPRA Leasing service, you have roadside assistance 24 hours a day as well as the possibility to have extra assistance services, depending on the service package selected.

Yes, if you are self-employed or own a company, you can claim a deduction for the amount (percentage) you use the vehicle for your professional or business activity. If you have any queries, please ask your personal advisor for more information.

Yes, of course. You can request a test drive at your nearest retailer, whenever you want. 

If your request is not granted, it will be cancelled at no cost to you whatsoever. If you would like us to help you find other ways of enjoying your new CUPRA, please contact your nearest retailer.

Cancellation of the Leasing service before the end of the contract is possible, although an early termination penalty is charged.

Leasing is not only interesting for business people, but is also enjoying increasing popularity among private individuals. Advantages are obvious: consistently low monthly payments and no used car risk. In addition, you receive a cutting-edge vehicle without having to pay the full purchase price. This is why many people now consider private leasing to be a good alternative to cash purchases or financing.

Yes, you can put together your Cupra without restrictions.

You can either choose from a large selection of new cars that are immediately available, or you can configure your vehicle to meet your needs. The possible waiting time is identical to the time you have to wait when buying a vehicle in cash, for example

No problem with CUPRA Private Leasing: Up to XXX KM more or less are within the tolerance limit. You can also easily offset the costs at the end of the term. And if you have even driven less than agreed, you will be reimbursed up to XXX fewer KM. Here, too, the tolerance limit of XXX KM applies, during which no billing takes place.

No. Normal signs of use and minor damage, which correspond to the usual signs of use, are usually not objected to. In the event of major damage and defects that, according to the expert, go beyond the normal signs of use, the amount by which the vehicle value was reduced must be replaced. The  hull insurance provides additional security: it is liable for damage caused by an accident, for example - even if it was caused by oneself.

Even with a leased vehicle, you have a free choice of insurance for your vehicle. 

In accordance with the leasing terms and conditions, a fully comprehensive insurance is mandatory.

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